November DevLog

What went right?

40 hours & 18 minutes of development time. That’s a personal best since I started tracking my time spent working on games in September 2016. Most of that was spent on a project which I’m calling Judgment Day, with a smattering of work on Radio & Seed (two closely related games). A big part of my plan going forward is to build games with underlying frameworks which can be reused as the foundation for future games. For example, Radio currently has 3 possible variants on paper and Judgment Day could, similarly, serve as the foundation for at least one other game.

What went wrong?

Not enough blog posts, and not enough videos. I started writing two additional blog posts this month, but never managed to finish either. I also spent several hours working on video content, but was never satisfied enough with the results to post anything. I’d also forgotten how long it takes to record & edit videos. Since I want my primary focus to be game-making, I’ll need to figure out a lightweight solution to both blogging and videos if I’m going to produce bi-monthly blog posts and monthly videos.

What’s next?

The plan for December is to keep working on Radio (specifically a variant which I’m calling LHP 820), but I am obviously not super strict about sticking with a given project, and my inspiration frequently shifts. I’m also trying to zero in on a format for some video content, and will be running more tests, with the goal of releasing at least one video update this month. I’ll also be returning to the more promising of the two blog posts I started in November, aiming to publish mid-month.

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