For the love of blob

If you’re like me, and you dearly miss Google’s adorable blob emoji, then I have a teeny bit of good news. While I can’t tell you how you can keep using squishy gumdrop emoji in your everyday texting, thanks to the magic of git, you can download the full set of source images right now.

Look at this adorable rapscallion

They’re available in both SVG and PNG format in the official noto-emoji repository on GitHub. It took a little bit of time to navigate the commit history, but I managed to track down the final version of the 7.1 and 6.0.1 versions of the cute little blobs.

If you want to preview the different emoji sets, you can go to Emojipedia and take a look at version 7.1 and/or version 6.0.1.

You can download everything for a given version by clicking the “Clone or download” button. The emoji are in the “png/128” and “svg” folders, not the “images” folder, because naming things is hard. I believe the emoji have a pretty permissive license, but please don’t misconstrue this as legal advice because I am not even remotely qualified for that. That being said, I am 100% planning to use all three versions of these emoji in the game I’m currently working on, and I’ll update this article immediately if Google tells me I can’t do that.

For anyone with a little git-fu who wants to pull the relevant commits directly, 6.0.1 is 7c0d24f2 and 7.1 is e4566541.

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