All the Game News I Forgot to Announce Here

So I’m realizing now that I’ve consistently forgotten to update this blog with announcements for the various games that I’ve released over the past several months.

The most recent was Escape from the Camp on Murderhaus Island. It’s a short prototype mixing survival horror, rogue-like, and text parser adventure game mechanics. I’m pretty happy with it, and it’s definitely one of the prototypes I’m considering expanding into a full game. If you haven’t already, I would be thrilled if you checked it out over on And if you have already checked it out, thank you! You’re the best.

Go play it over on!

You can also see all the other prototypes I’ve made on my profile page. Going forward, I’m going to aim for more regular, smaller, more casual updates here. If nothing else, I figure I should get in the habit of getting some stuff up here, and shouting from the rooftops every time I launch something.

Also, for anyone who missed this on Tuesday, let me take this opportunity to shout about the new video series I tentatively launched earlier this week, What have I been up to?, a weekly look at all the prototypes, mistakes, and catastrophes that I’m creating.

Thanks for stopping by!

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