I really ought to keep this thing more up to date.  Despite the silence here—or perhaps because of it—I’m making progress on development. Contrary to the post before this one, I changed direction last minute and settled on a slightly different idea. Many of the points on my decision process still hold though, and this new game is still 2D, with simple art requirements, and a significant mechanical focus.

Random character generation, with placeholder art by Jeff Preston.

After spending January and February on design and coding various abstract objects, I’ve finally started work on UI.  With university quieting down after midterms, I’m hoping to have a playable prototype by the end of the week.  I’ll try to post more regular updates here, assuming progress continues at pace.

Anyway, if I want to stay on schedule, I better get back to it.  For those keeping track, in the screenshot above, the “People” tab is implemented to prototype standards.  That’s one tab down, four to go.

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