Hello Again

TLDR; I graduated, got a job, moved, played around on Unity, participated in a game jam, and am working on several different projects, hoping to find something that sticks. Planning monthly updates here in the future.

It’s almost a year to the day since I last posted here. That’s too long. So what have I been up to?

I graduated from Carleton University in April 2016, starting work as a software developer the Monday after writing my final exam. Between adjusting to a 40 hour work week, walking about 8km a day to commute, and trying to find time for relaxation and socialization in between, I didn’t have the energy for any prolonged bouts of creative hobby work for months. That only started to turn around in November.

Somehow, I made time to complete two games for Wizard Jam 4, a game jam created by the Idle Thumbs community. You can find those (and any games I might make in the future) on my itch.io homepage, accessible through the new Games link to the left (or hidden in the menu, if you’re viewing this on a mobile device).

After the rush of finishing the game jam, I’ve started a half dozen different projects, trying to find a game that’s small enough in scope that I can complete it as a hobby, in a reasonable amount of time. I put north of 30 hours into this task in January, creating a couple early prototypes, but only managed 5 hours in February. I’m hoping to get back on my game this month, with early work on yet another prototype starting over the last week.

I have no idea if this project will be one that I stick with. But I’m going to try and start chronicling these things here. Right now, I’m planning to treat every month as a self-contained chunk of development time, following it up with a detailed retrospective penned and posted here. I’ve got the event in my calendar, with notifications set up. Let’s see if I can stick with it.

I’m aiming for 40 hours of development time every month, a target I haven’t hit yet. I’m using Toggl to track my time spent working, Unity as a game engine, and Twitter and this blog to report on my progress (or lack thereof).

But enough procrastinating by writing this blog post. It’s time to get to work.

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