Sickness & Changes

TLDR; ~13 hours of game dev in March; two weeks of sickness; and work stress.

A couple bumps in the road over the last month interrupted what little routine I was starting to get into, so despite a couple good bursts of productivity, the month overall was kind of underwhelming. To cap things off, I’ve been brutally ill for the last two weeks, barely able to function enough to keep up at work, let alone find the time and energy for spare time game development. There have also been goings on at the office, which has caused a fair bit of stress at work, which has leeched into my free time as well.

So not a great month for game development.

But as my health returns, and and things settle down at work, I’m hopeful that the back 3/4 of April can see me get into a groove. In that spirit, I’m going to keep this short, and try to sneak in a little game making before bed.

See you next month!

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