June was going pretty well. And then I got promoted. The back half of the month was pretty slow when it came to making games, while I tried to adapt to the changing landscape of my professional career. Still, total productivity for the month wasn’t bad.

Astute readers will notice minimal overlap between the projects worked on last month, and the projects worked on this month. Making games is hard. And what’s even harder is scoping a project down to the point that I can finish it sometime this millennium while only working on it part time, by myself. I’ve got some prototypes which I think are promising but… we’ll see.

I’d also really like to start doing development video diaries, but it’s hard to justify the time when I can’t even find enough time to make games. Maybe once I settle into the new position at work. Or after I finish a game. A game jam scenario would probably be ideal for some video content, but first I need to find 48+ uninterrupted hours. But that’s enough musing for tonight. To bed, to dream of games. And then, this weekend, to make them.

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