If you’re here, you’ve probably got some questions.  Maybe something like…

Q: “Who are you?”

A: I’m Ian Robert McEachern, a 29-year-old, soon to be graduate of Carleton University’s Bachelor of Computer Science program.  I have an earlier degree in Film Studies, and an abiding interest in media and the arts.

Q: “What are you doing with your life?”

A: Aside from the aforementioned studying, I’m exploring game design, screenwriting, web development, and looking for a job.  At this very moment, I’m working on a game called “Caravan,” a screenplay called “The Watchmaker,” and a website called “This Thing You’re Looking At Right Now.”

Q: “Where do you live?”

A: Right now I live in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, but I’ve lived in Alberta, British Columbia, Buckinghamshire, and Victoria in the past.  I almost lived in Colorado, and Hesse, but those opportunities didn’t pan out.

Q: “When are you writing this?”

A: It’s 11:42pm on October 27th, 2015.

Q: “Why are you writing this?”

A: Worst case scenario: I’ll do something that I can pretend is productive while I procrastinate from studying, programming, designing, writing, and developing.  Best case scenario: I’ll tell readers like you about all the interesting things I learn in between bouts of accomplishing the above.

Q: “How are you writing this?”

A: Magic.