Sickness & Changes

TLDR; ~13 hours of game dev in March; two weeks of sickness; and work stress.

A couple bumps in the road over the last month interrupted what little routine I was starting to get into, so despite a couple good bursts of productivity, the month overall was kind of underwhelming. To cap things off, I’ve been brutally ill for the last two weeks, barely able to function enough to keep up at work, let alone find the time and energy for spare time game development. There have also been goings on at the office, which has caused a fair bit of stress at work, which has leeched into my free time as well.

So not a great month for game development.

But as my health returns, and and things settle down at work, I’m hopeful that the back 3/4 of April can see me get into a groove. In that spirit, I’m going to keep this short, and try to sneak in a little game making before bed.

See you next month!

Hello Again

TLDR; I graduated, got a job, moved, played around on Unity, participated in a game jam, and am working on several different projects, hoping to find something that sticks. Planning monthly updates here in the future.

It’s almost a year to the day since I last posted here. That’s too long. So what have I been up to?

I graduated from Carleton University in April 2016, starting work as a software developer the Monday after writing my final exam. Between adjusting to a 40 hour work week, walking about 8km a day to commute, and trying to find time for relaxation and socialization in between, I didn’t have the energy for any prolonged bouts of creative hobby work for months. That only started to turn around in November.

Somehow, I made time to complete two games for Wizard Jam 4, a game jam created by the Idle Thumbs community. You can find those (and any games I might make in the future) on my homepage, accessible through the new Games link to the left (or hidden in the menu, if you’re viewing this on a mobile device).

After the rush of finishing the game jam, I’ve started a half dozen different projects, trying to find a game that’s small enough in scope that I can complete it as a hobby, in a reasonable amount of time. I put north of 30 hours into this task in January, creating a couple early prototypes, but only managed 5 hours in February. I’m hoping to get back on my game this month, with early work on yet another prototype starting over the last week.

I have no idea if this project will be one that I stick with. But I’m going to try and start chronicling these things here. Right now, I’m planning to treat every month as a self-contained chunk of development time, following it up with a detailed retrospective penned and posted here. I’ve got the event in my calendar, with notifications set up. Let’s see if I can stick with it.

I’m aiming for 40 hours of development time every month, a target I haven’t hit yet. I’m using Toggl to track my time spent working, Unity as a game engine, and Twitter and this blog to report on my progress (or lack thereof).

But enough procrastinating by writing this blog post. It’s time to get to work.